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Arts-In-Medicine II

New Summer Course

Arts-In-Medicine I

University of New Mexico – Spring 2006

Arts-in-Medicine I is the first in a series of service-learning courses exploring connections between creative experience and the healing process and how the two have come together in the emerging field of Arts-in-Medicine. The course is designed for healthcare professionals, community members, educators, musicians, dancers, actors, artists, and students from a variety of disciplines who are interested in exploring the transformative power of the creative process as it relates to their own physical and mental health as well as the health of others. Topic areas include aspects of: communication/conflict resolution; ethics/professionalism; energy awareness; physiology/pain; social issues around health and illness, healthcare systems, death, and dying; expressive art therapies.  Learning formats include presentations by guest artists and scientists, creative reflection and art-making, service-learning opportunities, and independent research projects. 

The course will run hand-in-hand with the clinical program (currently based in UNM Hospitals, Psychiatric Center, Cancer Research and Treatment Center), in which Artists-in-Medicine  aim to facilitate healing in its broadest sense for patients, their families, and medical professionals by offering a renewed sense of possibility via the creative encounter.  While relieving pain and stress the artists also hope to expand awareness and stimulate dialog in the community regarding the nature of health and healthcare, illness, death and dying.  Bridging academia and community, art and medicine, the program includes community artists, UNM College of Fine Arts, College of Education, and School of Medicine faculty and students, UNM Hospitals and community healthcare professionals, patients, and volunteers.

When and Where?
Thursdays 5:00 - 7:30 pm, Room  1018, Center for the Arts
Cap of 20 students. No pre-requisites required. Register early under one of the following sections:
Music 487-001:  T/Arts-in-Medicine I.
Music 587-001:  T/Arts-in-Medicine I. 
Thea 487-001:  T/Arts-in-Medicine I. 
Thea 587-001:  T/Arts-in-Medicine I. 
Dance 487-001:  T/Arts-in-Medicine I. 
Dance 587-001:  T/Arts-in-Medicine I. 
M A 487-001:  T/Arts-in-Medicine I. 
Art Hi 487-001: T/Arts-in-Medicine I.
Art Hi  587-001: T/Arts-in-Medicine I.

If the section you want is full, please register under another section. Requests for section changes will be granted the first day of class.

For more information contact: Dr. Patricia Repar, D.M.A., Dept. of Music; repar@unm.edu


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